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While your equipment has always served you well, it’s getting pretty old. And with new technological innovations, there’s much better equipment out there you could be using. Construction Sales and Rental Equipment sells a broad range of contractor equipment to Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda and Lehigh Acres, FL contractors and other individuals. Count on us to have on hand a wide-ranging selection of reliable:

  • Construction equipment
  • Landscaping and general lawn equipment
  • Fuel, electrical and oil products and supplies
  • Safety equipment
  • Painting equipment

If you prefer renting any of our equipment, you’re more than welcome to do so. From forklifts to mowers and generators, we have the best contractor equipment selection to take care of all your needs.

Discover a great deal

Discover a great deal

Our contractor equipment sales aren't just limited to contractors, anyone can buy or rent our machines. And at our prices, you'll come to us whenever you need new equipment.
Whether you're replacing a broken tool or revamping your equipment inventory, Construction Sales and Rental Equipment is your destination for the best. Reach out to a member on our team today to discuss your equipment needs.